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Friendship is found in strange places

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I’ve been home for several weeks now and have had some time to reflect on my experience in the USA. Charles Darwin once said that a man’s friendships are a measure of his worth. If this is true, then I am very very valuable. I am reflecting on the friends which I made unexpectedly on my journey in Houston. (Let alone the ones I am already surrounded by!) Let me introduce you all. If you haven’t already seen this on Facebook, Left to right is Tonny, Suki, Me, Darius &…read more

Recipe for a GREAT weekend!

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Hi, Remember me? It’s been a while. Oh yea, that’s me. Picking up ‘wild’ animals again. Just a small lizard on my way home from the Houston Office. But that’s nothing compared to the Gorilla I caught in Denver, just wait and see. So I flew out from Houston on Friday night and landed in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado to catch up with my good friend Paul. After all, I couldn’t come so far to miss out on that! Since the weekend was so¬†successful¬†and much laughter was…read more