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Water Melun

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Recommended Listening: Ghosts Embodies, Nahko & Medicine For The People My temporary home for 5 weeks, not quite Melun, but Le Mée, Île-de-France, to be more accurate. Not that it makes much difference, we’re not comparing Sydney and Paris here. The day to day life is mellow, in Le Mée. The rules are strict and the routine is sombre.  It’s the university campus that I never had, and also the prison sentence I hoped to never endure. Like all things in life, there are elements of dark and light and still there is life all around…read more


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Wow, what an exhausting and exciting 36 Hours. Our flights and travel arrangements so far have all been executed perfectly, bar the departing flight from Melbourne which was delayed by 1 hour. Although, we didn’t mind as it gave us an opportunity to play with our new toy. The Canon eos 700 d. Here’s what we saw of Melbourne Airport. Lights. Auckland is quite a beautiful city. I can’t say the same for our first Hotel. Regardless of the fact that the room size was 2 cubic feet and we…read more

We’re Ready

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The eve of our departure is upon us. We couldn’t be more excited!! Today we made a final purchase to help us capture our adventures with clarity and style. Not Just with one lens, but two. I present to you the Canon EOS 700D, our new travel companion. Our Bags are packed. Our devices are charging and our alarms are set for the morning. Happy weekend to everyone. We’re looking forward to sharing our stories with you all. Donna & Mark xoxo P.S. Look at what Mark gave Donna on…read more