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Water Melun

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Recommended Listening: Ghosts Embodies, Nahko & Medicine For The People My temporary home for 5 weeks, not quite Melun, but Le Mée, Île-de-France, to be more accurate. Not that it makes much difference, we’re not comparing Sydney and Paris here. The day to day life is mellow, in Le Mée. The rules are strict and the routine is sombre.  It’s the university campus that I never had, and also the prison sentence I hoped to never endure. Like all things in life, there are elements of dark and light and still there is life all around…read more

Worlds Greatest Shave

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Well, a colleague of mine – Chris, created a team in the World’s Greatest Shave. He is going to be shaving off 5 years of hard work, spent growing and maintaining his fabulous hair. He called for others to join him. Apparently I’m not as brave now, as when I was 16 years old but apparently still a little bit mental, so I’ve decided to have a go at colouring my hair this time! So folks, I’m going blue. * We’re called Schlumberger Big Blue and we are taking part to help the Leukaemia Foundation…read more

A Tribute to Jack

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R.I.P Jack Woodrow 20-Oct-12 to 4-Apr-14 Little Jack’s life was too short, but he brought so much joy to our lives, it was a life well lived. Miss you already sweet one. We love you, love Mummy & Daddy. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France