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Roussillon Region: Part 1

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Day 1 Recommended Listening: My Body by Young The Giant It began with a birdsong alarm at 4:45 am. I was anxious, stressed and nervous about making my way from Residence Château du Mée, to the local train station, which I had been warned was often surrounded by local “youths.” It was still dark. I looked in the mirror at my gaunt pale face and knew there was something I had to do about my reflection. Although make-up would not solve what I was seeing, only sleep and deep relaxation…read more


Water Melun

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Recommended Listening: Ghosts Embodies, Nahko & Medicine For The People My temporary home for 5 weeks, not quite Melun, but Le Mée, Île-de-France, to be more accurate. Not that it makes much difference, we’re not comparing Sydney and Paris here. The day to day life is mellow, in Le Mée. The rules are strict and the routine is sombre.  It’s the university campus that I never had, and also the prison sentence I hoped to never endure. Like all things in life, there are elements of dark and light and still there is life all around…read more

Recipe for a GREAT weekend!

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Hi, Remember me? It’s been a while. Oh yea, that’s me. Picking up ‘wild’ animals again. Just a small lizard on my way home from the Houston Office. But that’s nothing compared to the Gorilla I caught in Denver, just wait and see. So I flew out from Houston on Friday night and landed in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado to catch up with my good friend Paul. After all, I couldn’t come so far to miss out on that! Since the weekend was so successful and much laughter was…read more