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My Neighbour Totoro Cookies

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Most of you know that I’ve been going a little crazy with Japanese things lately. Stocking my pantry full of tasty treats and watching endless amounts of extremely amusing Japanese cartoons. So I’ve taken it to one more level. One of my favourite Japanese Animations is Totoro. You may have seen Totoro featured in some family photos before, like this one with Mark and Oh-Totoro (Big Totoro) enjoying some Bacon for breakfast. But, we’re not being fair to Oh-Totoro – that hat is a mere representation of his true awesomeness….read more


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I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with food, because I enjoy it WAY too much. Let me share with you the food which has recently been appearing in my cupboard.  I have no idea how it got there, but I’m glad it did, and since it appeared I figured it would be a waste not to eat it. I’m sharing these particular treats with you, because I have never seen a similar product in Australia. POCKY Just like a strawberry milkshake, only crunchy! This is a special Halloween edition, but…read more

I am a Language Geek

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You’ve probably noticed the not so subtle Japanese characters on my new blog design. If you haven’t, you should probably start paying attention to more things in life. I’m studying Japanese again. After an 8 year break from using the language in any capacity, I’m back to tackle the seemingly pointless goal of speaking fluent Japanese. I realise that I don’t fully understand my desire to learn another language. It excites me, it always has and I know that if I go through life without giving it my best shot,…read more