Switzerland, Oh Yeah…

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Wow… I didn’t want to leave Switzerland. It was everything I was hoping for and more. It had mountains and snow and snow capped mountains. It had green grass and cows with bells, along with the cows of course comes chocolate and cheese, but most rewarding of all was the wonderful human beings. I was welcomed in with open arms, like I had just arrived home. The only problem that I had with Switzerland was that it wasn’t in fact, home. I spent a short time in Interlaken, Switzerland so my agenda was full. I spent a day catching alpine trains and cable cars in the mountains and walking my way home, surrounded by mountains, snow, and waterfalls. The only thing I was missing was my best friend. Throughout the entire journey I was brimming with excitement to tell Mark all about my casino canada day. I had a lovely evening eating delicious food with a blanket on my lap and a view of Jungfrau ahead of me. Jungfrau stands 4158m above sea level, or approximately half as tall as Mt Everest. There’s no way I could capture its magnificence with photography, but I still tried.

From the my hotel room in the middle of town, I spent the early morning watching other adventurous travelers glide through the sky above me, screaming their lungs out every now and then, only to land in the grassy field in the middle of town and I thought to myself, they’re insane, they’re crazy, they’re risking their lives… and I’m not leaving town without experiencing that. So that day I ran off the side of a large hill, whilst attached to some ropes and tethered to a parachute, which came with it’s own qualified and experienced para-glider. Apart from getting in a car everyday, it is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. Evidently, it turned out well for me and the risk paid off… The remainder of the afternoon I strut around town high on adrenalin and did what everyone should do when they’re in Switzerland. Make chocolate. Thank you Switzerland, I’ll be back.