Montpellier & Me

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Recommended Listening: Jour 1, Louane

I arrived in my hotel in Montpellier on a bright and sunny Saturday night after returning my little companion Renault to the airport. I coulda, shoulda, woulda caught the train from the airport to the city, to save the environment and my bank account from destruction but I was awfully tired, so I caught the first available taxi. My hotel was beautifully clean and modern for the price. It was a themed room, which seemed unconventional for a holiday where the main goal was to experiencing all that France had to offer; France offered me Greece, a blue room with a Mediterranean feel. I dug it.

I checked out of my hotel on Sunday morning after a long process of waking up and spent a while wandering around aimlessly in Montpellier waiting for the cafes to open and the retailers to invite me in. So I took a few photos and enjoyed the beautiful sights and sounds of Montpellier. It was a warm day, twenty seven degrees warm, the weather made me feel like I was back home in Brisbane, but my eyes knew better. I found a peaceful alley to explore with my camera and was delighted to find a secluded cafe serving brunch. I ordered in my best French and then closed my eyes. I listened to the variety of sounds occurring around me. That’s the thing I love about travelling; its a sensory experience. It’s not just what you see… it’s about what you hear, taste, smell and touch – and the connections you make with each of these senses.

I could hear a choir singing, the chapel bells ringing, pigeons cooing at my feet and a few soft Indian accents preparing their restaurant next door for the days business. Then I heard beautiful little giggles, it was my cue to open my eyes to see two little French cuties chasing cats around the church courtyard. I was in a cultural haven. I spent the next 4 hours wandering Montpellier, taking photos, browsing in windows and lying on the grass of the local gardens listening to the language surrounding me. Happily passing time waiting for my train to depart for Paris from Gare St Roche.