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Abel Tasman

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We have been looking forward to this day since we booked it online months ago. What we booked was a boat ride to the middle of nowhere and a packed lunch. If we wanted to get home that evening we were to walk our way back to the nearest ferry terminal before the sunset. In our case, we walked close to 20km, through pristine national park on the northern coastline of the south Island. We trekked through forest, over swing bridge and through tidal inlets in the sand to reach…read more

Queen Charlotte Track

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You may have heard of the Marlborough Sounds, well the Queen Charlotte Track takes you right through the middle of them. We didn’t have a lot of time to spare here. This track may have to go on the future to do list, as we only got to explore a couple of hours worth. (A lot of people walk the 3 night 4 day walking tour.) It was a surprisingly busy track, with even the locals taking their dogs for walks. However despite this fact it was remarkably calm and…read more

We Pirates be sailin’ again

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Ahoy! We be pirates and our hearts be at sea. So me ‘n’ this ere scurvy scallywag dragged our keesters out t’th’ship’n’had us a grand great adventuaaarrr with all the other land lubbers aboard. Heave to Picton and sally forth I cheered.