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Good News Week

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Well you’ve probably all heard the good news. If you haven’t… We’ve spent the last week coming back to reality and letting all the good feelings soak in. Oh, and for those wondering… no, we haven’t set a date. We just got engaged and would like to enjoy that feeling for a little while before any wedding planning madness begins. (Although I won’t say no to regularly trying on Wedding Dresses for the next 12 months.) Now that’s done, I want to share some pictures with you from our ridiculously…read more

Friendship is found in strange places

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I’ve been home for several weeks now and have had some time to reflect on my experience in the USA. Charles Darwin once said that a man’s friendships are a measure of his worth. If this is true, then I am very very valuable. I am reflecting on the friends which I made unexpectedly on my journey in Houston. (Let alone the ones I am already surrounded by!) Let me introduce you all. If you haven’t already seen this on Facebook, Left to right is Tonny, Suki, Me, Darius &…read more

Oi boofhead, how does tipping work?

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Dear Paul My only american companion. As an Australian I find it a ridiculous notion to tip a waitress, maitre d’, doorman or hotel maid oh and not to forget a skycap. In fact, i’m not even quite clear on a skycap’s role in this world.┬áCome to think of it, I am sure the only person I’ve ever tipped before is my coffee barista, but that was due to my change being about 20 cents, which was easier to put it in the glass jar on the counter than to…read more